An Exile In One’s Own Land

M Kamlianlal Zou

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India witnessed a series of intrusions from London to Kokarjhar in July and August 2012 respectively. While the Indian Olympic contingent were overshadowed by a mysterious women in red ‘Madhura Honey’ in the opening ceremony of London Olympic 2012, the illegal Bangladeshi immigrants make an attempt to flush out the indigenous people of Assam – the Bodos from their homeland. The sectarian violence that takes place in Bodo Territorial Council (BTC) is fallaciously branded as the handiwork of the people of Northeast India. As a result, it led to the ‘1947 Indo-Pak’ partition like exodus of the Northeast people from South India. This mass exodus is the reflections of not only the failure of the government to provide security to its people but also its failure to protect the ethos of democracy from hardliners.

It cannot be argued that, the people of Northeast India, settling in different cities of India are well protected by the Indian Constitution, but the laws provided to its citizens were not executed by the government. The government loved the eight sisters of Northeast India and is willing to sacrifice everything from external aggression, but failed to do the same when it comes to the security of its very own people. The people of Northeast India are least bothered and are given less importance than the illegal Bangladeshi immigrants but have higher privileges than the low profile foreigners. The threats, exodus and atrocities that we suffered in other cities are construed as rumors, but the traditional dislike of the mainland Indians in the tribal areas could rock and roll the parliament. We, as a citizen of India and an indigenous people of our land/territory, equally born as a first class citizen, are not mend to be humiliated or meted as a second class citizen.

If anybody shares solidarity to the people suffering somewhere in this country, they have the liberty to go to that particular place and make an attempt democratically to rescue their people. They don’t have to hurt or commit senseless things to the innocent civilian/people in their surrounding areas, who doesn’t any common background, share history or have anything to do with sectarian violence. Like everyone else, people of Northeast India love themselves, their lives, brothers or sisters much more than those miscreants in South India, who pretends to love somebody whom you never know or see. A pocket of Northeast people settling in different cities suffers for the crime they didn’t commit and blame for no reason. However, another pocket of Muslims residing in our ancestral land are still loved by us, we never intend to do the same tactless mistakes that they have done to the Northeast people. The Muslims in Northeast India cannot be held responsible for the persecutions and atrocities perpetrated to Christians by the Islamic fundamentalists in Pakistan, Syria or Lebanon. Thus, the conflict between the illegal Bangladeshi and Bodo in Assam should not be escalated to all the Mongoloid races belonging to India.

It can be rightly assumed that the retaliatory action taken by some misguided youths in South India is not a sign of showing solidarity to the Muslims in Assam, instead it aggravates the situation and solicits the people of Northeast India to join their helping hands in annihilating the illegal immigrant Bangladeshi settled in Assam, who posed a serious threat and challenges to the unity and integrity of the country.  The people of North-East India were like flowers that blooms and beautifies the country. It would be a gravest mistake to construe their beautification and humility as a sign of their weakness.

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